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"I purchased LymphoCare for my wife's leg and so far I am very impressed! I will spread the word to all my friends in the medical field, and I will write a letter to the Chicago Sun Times giving many an option and hope, if I see continuous improvement, which I expect!!" – J.D., Chicago IL
“I have secondary lymphedema in right arm resulting from Breast....surgery, removal of lymph nodes and radiation in 1992 and the LymphoCare has worked wonders to help with infection, swelling and pain. Awesome product!” - L.C., Owasso, OK
"This is an excellent massage oil. I like this oil a lot. It goes on smoothly and appears to last, in that it doesn't evaporate easily." - J.K.
"This is a really good oil for massage. It helped me with my tendinitus and improved circulation." - F.F
"...LymphoCare is really helping leg edema, massages upward towards heart, now there is much less fluid in legs..." - M.W., GA
"... Reordering because friends want to try LymphoCare. My wife has used it and is pleased with the results, can't thank you enough! Best wishes." - G.P., New South Wales, Australia
"I had a leg cramp at 11 pm after a very long day on my feet at a business meeting. I massaged LymphoCare on my calves and the cramps and pain went away immediately!" - B.B., PA